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9 Feb, 2014

Cure abortions & the infinite frustration


If there is one thing that I totally hate about the band that I totally love, is this perpetual flirting, this never-ending teasing when it comes to possible releases or projects, as most of the time they are just left at an embryonal state, and they eventually never see the daylight. It goes without saying that this just leads you to a permanent state of frustration and of bitterness, because you only get to see the cake without ever eating it.

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12 Nov, 2013

Unexpected songs that made the latest setlists


How lovely and great is it when our band decide to bring unexpected songs on stage?

Amazingly enough, on this last mini-tour of October and November 2013, The Cure performed some old songs that were not played since a long time, and a few rarities that were actually never played before.

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6 Aug, 2013

B-sides played live by The Cure


The Cure are around since forever, and have therefor a very extensive discography, and with an extensive discography come a lot of albums and a lot of singles, but also, a lot of b-sides!

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14 Feb, 2013

The Cure FOR St. Valentine


Well, despite my reluctance for St. Valentine's Day (I'm just not of that kind, I guess), here I am, offering a selection of Cure songs that in my vision are a nice fit for the "Day Of Lovers", and which by the way I love.

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1 Feb, 2013

New Cure line-up: Reeves Gabrels officially joined in!


After more than 7 years, The Cure go back to the their "classic" quintet format, with guitarist Reeves Gabrels officially joining the band.

I'm sure that Reeves will add a very nice dimension to the live sound of the band, as he demonstrated during the last summer festivals tour (2013), and as long as we can't get the magnificent Porl Thompson on stage (or in studio), we do get at the least a guitar player of the same caliber.

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