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First thoughts about “Step Into The Light” and “It Can Never Be The Same”

It’s always a special moment when the universe of The Cure get expanded a little more with the introduction of new musical material. As officially announced, the band is indeed performing some new songs during this Tour 2016, and exactly two, which are titled “Step Into The Light” and “It Can Never Be The Same”.

Before even getting into their respective review I’m sure that with these exciting surprises, a few questions pop up right away in everybody’s mind:

  1. Are those new songs absolute fresh material, or have they been recycled from some previous session, most likely from the 4:13 Dream one (The Dark Album / 4:13 Scream)?
  2. Is there going to be a studio version of them at some point, or will they just be left unreleased – officially that is, as with “The Boy I Never Knew”, which was just played live but never released as a studio version?
  3. Does these two news songs mean we’re getting a new Cure album soon?
  4. Are we getting other new songs as the Tour 2016 unfolds, or will this be as far as we go in regard of new material?

Well, at this point of the tour, Robert didn’t provide any interview yet (that I know), so we are still in the dark about all these questions, but we surely hope that yes, we will get studio versions, we will get a new album soon, and that additional new songs will be played with the upcoming performances during this tour.

From what I’ve been reading around, I think the fans reactions to these 2 new songs are quiet positive, and mine are definitely more than positive, for both of them.

We can safely say that these two previously unreleased songs can be positioned each on the opposite side of the Cure musical spectrum, with “Step Into The Light” being a soft and romantic melody, easy and pleasant to listen to, and with “It Can Never Be The Same” embodying the essence of the deeper and more obscure expression of the band, therefore capable of pulling the listener into a truly emotional dimension.

I actually hooked to “Step Into The Light” right away. Musically, the song flows effortlessly, and the vocals literally cradle you from beginning to end. I like the brief extensions of Robert’s vocals at different points. If we do get a studio version of this, I hope the post-production arrangements will not overdo that effect, like it happened with “The Perfect Boy”, because it ended sounding too artificial comparing to the live version, which got a more natural feeling to me.

That brings us to “It Can Never Be The Same”, which probably deserves a little more attention.

The song is a perfect balance of long guitars loops, effective keys and drums, and the bass line feels like a classical Cure trademark. The result is that intimate and powerful mix of bitterness and sadness that probably only this band is capable to produce.

The lyrics could easily indicate the loss of a person (and the animated image of a candle used as a background during the live performance reinforces this supposition), and if that is the case, at this point we don’t know if it’s about a real loss in Robert’s life, or an hypothetical one, the fruit of his imaginary work. The subtle crescendo toward the end is very touching, with a little note of rage that fades into despair.

This is one of those songs that just get stuck inside and don’t let you off the hook for a while, because once you are taken into that emotional state, it’s impossible to listen to anything else.

Unfortunately, we are listening and judging those 2 new songs from YouTube videos, so the quality is surely diminishing the beauty of the songs, and that just makes you look forward to listen to them live, which for me should happen very soon with the European leg of the tour.

As for lyrics, Craig from A Chain Of Flowers made the effort of transcribing them, so check them out here:

Step Into The Light Lyrics:

It Can Never Be The Same Lyrics:

Here are what I consider to be the best audio versions on YouTube for both songs (if you find better ones, let me know in the comments):

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