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Frankfurt 2016 gig review

After all this time that I’ve been following the 2016 Tour from behind a screen, and all the times I’ve found myself considering to attend this or that show, I was finally able to get in front of the boys for the first time during this tour, as I was in Frankfurt to teach a seminar the day before the concert.

I got there early enough to find a place 3 or 4 rows away from the stage, and right in front of Robert’s spot, so I had a great view.

Amazingly, some of my wishes for this concert came true, such as having “Shake Dog Shake” as an opener, getting the Seventeen Seconds Encore, hearing “All I Want” for the first time live, and the overall darker orientation for the whole concert.

Some highlights for me have been “Kyoto Song”, nicely arranged, the new “Step Into The Light”, which sounded louder than on fans videos, the whole first encore, especially “At Night” and “M”, and the unexpected “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep”, always very Pink Floyd-ish when performed live.

I was glad to experience a setlist that presented some surprises as for the order of some songs, like having “Burn” in the main set, and “Pictures Of You” in the encores, because the structure of the setlist is getting very predictable since the European Leg, especially for the encores. It would be nicer to have a more mixed up order, and different endings than the pop encores, but well, it looks like that is set in stone for the moment.

Now, there is one song that I didn’t mention yet among my personal highlights for the night, because it completely stood out from the lot and deserves a particular spot, and that is “Burn”. This was the first time that I’ve heard it live, and even if I was expecting it to be amazing in concert, I wasn’t expecting it to be so powerful and to be one of the most transporting piece of live music that I would ever experienced in my life. I had goose bumps all over my body for the whole duration of the song. I’m so glad that they are playing this song live at every concert of this tour, because that means that I don’t have to hope too strong to hear that again at the next concerts that I’ll attend. I just know I will!

It’s a pity that they didn’t play “It Can Never Be The Same”, as this is the one I am really looking for since this tour started, but I got good hopes for the next 4 concerts that I will attend.

With this concert I’ve got 4 songs I never heard before live: “All I Want”, “Step Into The Light”, “Burn”, and “Give Me It”. That’s not bad at all, I guess.

Unfortunately, even if very powerful, “Give Me It” didn’t provide the same feeling than the 80’s version with its psychedelic saxophone played by Porl. But I can’t complain. When time travel will be possible, the first thing I’ll ever do is to go back to 1986 and attend The Cure In Orange.

Otherwise, the band played very well, but visibly Robert was exhausted toward the end, because of his ill condition, and I can say that he really seemed to be pissed off by this.

I’ll conclude by saying that this concert felt quiet short compared to other Cure shows I attended previously, so I hope the next ones are going to be longer, because I can never get enough of it, obviously.

With that said, onward to the next show, which is the one in Antwerp, Belgium.

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