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The Cure FOR St. Valentine

Well, despite my reluctance for St.Valentine’s Day, here I am, offering a selection of Cure songs to celebrate the “Day Of Lovers”.

Of course, I had to make some cuts from the repertory, as there are quiet a lot of Cure songs about loving or falling in love with someone, so I’ve choose a few that would somehow suggest that feeling in the lyrics.

And if like me, you don’t feel all pink on that particular day, than you can check out an antagonistic selection of Cure songs to the whole St. Valentine’s thing, right here.

Here are some lyrics excerpt:

“Under summer sun hard by your side / 
Whispering dreams down next to you… / 
We were so in love” – Before Three

“Under summer sun hard by your side / 
Whispering dreams down next to you… / 
We were so in love” – Before Three

“I say I’ll keep on holding you / 
My arms so tight / 
I’ll never let you slip away” – High

“However far away 
I will always love you 
/ However long I stay 
/ I will always love you” – Lovesong

“I want to keep this feeling / 
Deep inside of me
/ I want you always in my heart
 / You are everything” – Halo

“You’re the only one I cry for / 
The only one I try to please / 
You’re the only one I sigh for
 / The only one I die to squeeze” – The Only One

“No don’t say more
To me at all / 
To me at all / I am so in love with…
You!” – (I Don’t Know What’s Going) On

“You’re such a strange girl
 / The way you look like you do / 
You’re such a strange girl / 
I want to be with you” – The Perfect Girl

“And head into the bright new beautiful day
 / And the way she pulls me in
 / Sucks my breath away” – A Pink Dream

“Spinning on that dizzy edge / 
I kissed her face and kissed her head / 
And dreamed of all the different ways I had
 to make her glow
” – Just Like Heaven

“And I really love the way you turn your smile into striptease” – Return

“A perfect time to change the scene / 
I bite your mouth in urgency / 
And terrified I know…” – This.Here And Now. With You.

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