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The Cure VS St. Valentine

Because The Cure is a world that always touches the opposite sides of everything, it wouldn’t be right to leave a post like this one without its counter-companion.

So here it is, a selection of 11 songs that their lyrics evoke a sense of loss of love, a bitter feeling about a relationship, or a story that doesn’t end as one would wish.

Again, I omitted songs that could have been included in the selection, such as Bloodflowers, Play, Apart, Bare or This Is A Lie, but I didn’t want to go for an extremely sad playlist, I wanted to keep it musically upbeat: the lyrics of the selected ones do already their job pretty well, I think.

Here are some lyrics excerpt:

“Well I’m tired of hanging around / 
I want someone new / 
I’m not sure who I’ve got in mind
 / But I know
 / It’s not you” – It’s Not You

“Sophisticated smile
 / You seduce in such fine style / 
But don’t try to fool me
 / Because I can see through your disguise
 / You’re just an object in my eyes – Object

“I will never be the one for her
 / I will never be enough / 
I will never be the one for her 
/ We will never be in love – Never

“When life is too rare / 
Yeah it has to be true
 / The best idea I think
 / Is for me to go my way / Without you” – Without You

“You stare at me all strange, she said / 
Are you hungry for more? / 
I’ve had enough, I said
 / Please leave me alone
 / Please go” – Wendy Time

“No nothing I do makes much sense 
/ Say you don’t really get me anymore 
/ I wonder if you ever did / If you ever did at all?” – Signal To Noise

“I thought this time I’d keep all of my promises / 
I thought you were the girl I always dreamed about / 
But I let the dream go / 
And the promises broke / 
And the make-believe ran out” – A Letter To Elise

“I was sure you’d be the one but I was wrong / It seems reality destroys our dreams / I won’t forget you / Blossom 
/ Faded red inside a tiny book of old goodbyes” – Strange Attraction

“Yeah, me and you are a world, he said
 / But not the only one I need
 / The two of us is never all there is
 / That doesn’t happen for real” – The Perfect Boy

“I wish you felt the way that I still do
 / The way that I still do
 / But you don’t / 
You don’t feel anymore
 / You don’t care anymore / 
It’s all gone” – Cut

“But I always want to do it now, she told me in a whisper 
/ I try so hard to place it
 / Wonder why I really feel it / 
When to send the pretty flowers
 / Maybe helps her to believe it” – It’s Over

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