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Tour 2016: European Leg expectations

So, The European Leg for this tour just started out, and many questions are arising.

Is Europe going to be different or similar to the first half of the tour, which ended in the middle of the summer on the other side of the globe? Essentially, will the band keep the same setlist structure? Same opening songs for the main set? Are they going to play the exact same B-Sides they played so far, or are they going to introduce other ones? What about new songs? Any additional new songs, beside “It Will Never Be the Same” and “Step Into The Light”? How about the encores? Will the rest of the concerts end with the same pop encores? Will they play some songs that they didn’t play yet during this tour?

Well, whatever question one may have about this last part of the tour, judging from the very first European concert in Helsinki, Finland, most of the fans expressed their discontent about the lack of surprises, and for the setlist being focused too much on the singles – which stands for pop songs. After all, this is Europe, and over here we got very dark cities that deserve a more obscure sound, right? And could we have an unpredictable setlist for each concert, please?

The desire that Robert (or the band) could make things exciting for the fans by drastically changing the setlist for each concert is based on the assumption that he would consider and value the fact that today every fan know what’s being played anywhere in real time because of the internet, and my take is that even thought Robert (or the band) is perfectly aware of that, he will never consider that to be a reason to affect the setlist he intend to write for each particular concert.

After all, we all know how adverse he is about the whole internet thing, especially when it comes to setlists monitoring, so I wouldn’t count too much on the general and public discontent to change things around in this matter. That’s not Robert. You know that.

With this evidence in our hands, I guess the only thing we could try to do in order to predict what’s to come, is to do a quick analysis of how the setlists developed so far, and take it from there. I’ll try my best.

The tour started off with the introduction of two new songs – “It Will Never Be the Same” and “Step Into The Light” – one rare song, “Burn” and a few B-Sides never played before, such as “This Twilight Garden” and “The Exploding Boy” (three with 2Late, which has been played before). Some other songs that weren’t played since long were also brought to light, such as “Screw” and “All I Want”.

To the excitement for rare stuff being played and all at the very beginning of the tour, add the fact that the setlists seemed to be quiet variable, with some songs being played in encores while sometimes being played in main sets. That very much contributed to make every concert quiet unpredictable. But as the tour unfolded, it seemed as the setlists did evolve to a more uniformed structure, with the same lot of pop songs as the last encore, with the predilection of Disintegration over the other albums, with the B-sides becoming more and more occasional, and with the new song “Step Into The Light” pretty much disappearing.

A few songs has been played only once so far, such as “The Drowning Man”, “The Top” and “The Baby Screams”, while some usual suspects has been completely omitted, like “Faith” or “The Kiss”, or the whole “old school encore”: “Jumping Someone Else’s Train”, “Three Imaginary Boys”, “Grinding Halt”, “10:15 Saturday Night”, “Killing An Arab”.

I admit that even thought I am sure Robert would not change a thing just because a few fans complained over the internet, I am still hoping that things would get a little bit more unpredictable, that B-sides as “This Twilight Garden” and “The Exploding Boy” will be played more, that “Step Into The Light” will come back, and that other songs not yet played during this tour will make the setlist (my personal preferences goes for “How Beautiful You Are”, “Fight”, “The Figurehead”, “The Holy Hour”, or of course, “Underneath The Stars”), and that the “old school encore” would appear again as a last encore, because it has always been the most ecstatic way to end a Cure concert for me. For some reason, I don’t feel like going home after hearing “Why Can’t I Be You?”. I want a loud ending that stays with me for the whole night.

So, what to expect from the European Leg of this tour? Will the band make things even more exciting than the first half of the tour, or that’s it for surprises?

From my side, however it will be, I am just really grateful to be able to see my favourite band playing live here in Europe a few more times (5, for the moment being), and whatever wishes and hopes I may have, being at a Cure concert is always one of the best things in life, so no complaining for me.

But if they don’t start one of the concerts that I’ll attend with “Fear Of Ghosts”, I am done with them. Word!

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