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Unexpected songs performed during the LatAm2013 Tour

How lovely it is when our band decide to bring unexpected songs on stage!

Amazingly enough, on this “mini-tour” of October and November 2013, The Cure performed some old songs that were not played since a long time, and a few rarities that were actually “never” played before.

“Torture” was the first of the many surprises, as it didn’t make it a setlist since 2002. Other songs that could probably be considered kind of unexpected, have been “Other Voices” and “Dressing Up”, and maybe even “Catch”, “The Baby Screams”, and “Sinking”, as they weren’t included in setlists since quiet some time. One that I was very happy to see resurrected was “Treasure”, as I really love this song, and again, it has been a very long time since it was performed at a concert.

So, am I forgetting anything here? Of course not. I’m just saving the big surprises for the end.

I am still unsure about considering “Bananafishbones” and “The Top” as unexpected, as they were played live during the last year summer tour (2012), but to honour The Top album even more than he already did lately, Robert brought in two more songs this time: “Birdmad Girl” and “Give Me It”. Now, while I would truly love to hear “Birdmad Girl” live one day, I must say that I really “need” to have “Give Me It” in my list of songs played at Cure concerts that I’ve attended. I always wished that the band would bring that one back on live performances, and now that they did, I really hope that they keep playing it on future concerts, event if I honestly enjoyed the 8O’s live version better, with the psychedelic saxophone as played by Porl (especially for the saxophone solo at the end of the song).

But the real unexpected songs are not just those that haven’t been played since a long time. The real “surprises pearls” are those that have never been actually performed on stage before and are real rare songs: “Stop Dead” and “Burn”!

Honestly, who would have ever expect those two songs to be played by the band during a concert? Well, luckily enough, Robert just thought it would be a good idea to include the beautiful, retro-psychedelic “Stop Dead” in the setlist of four concerts out of five, and decided to make the last one of them memorable by playing “Burn”, a rare song highly appreciated by all Cure fans, as it is, indeed, very Cure-ish.

So, after a short analysis, it looks like The Top is really working out on Robert lately, right? Should we expect a next Trilogy kind of concert soon?

However, let’s hope that this mini tour will mark the beginning of a new era in which The Cure will include a lot of surprises in the same fashion of this last mini-tour. After all, it’s The Cure, so we deserve to expect the unexpected, right?

Enjoy some of the live acts:

Stop Dead, live in Austin, October 2013

Give Me It, live in Austin, October 2013

Burn, live in New Orleans, October 2013

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